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Unwind With These 8 Modern Master Bathroom Ideas

After a few years of living in a house, most homeowners have a few key master bathroom ideas to spruce up one of the most used rooms on the property. But, which bathroom idea will best promote the tranquility and comfort you deserve?

The JN Tiling and Construction team makes it their mission to ensure that every Indiana home is a dream come true, including access to an inviting main bathroom. Below, these professionals share eight handy bathroom ideas to renovate your washroom to reflect your tastes.

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Plan Beyond the Double Vanity For Great Bathroom Ideas

Does each room in your home complement the other areas? The highest design standards dictate that this rule also extends to the bathroom. An old, stained bathroom easily ruins the charm you expect from your Indiana residence, while well-maintained and stylish bathrooms add value with their aesthetic quality and personal satisfaction around your home’s overall design. 

If your residential bathroom is not up to scratch and you would like to realize some ideas you have had on how to change things, the first step is a practical strategy. You have a bigger chance of success with careful planning, whether you have a small or large project in mind. Experts like JN Tiling And Construction can help, but you will get more out of the consultation by thinking through a few ideas beforehand. 

Are your master bathroom ideas original or inspired by a famous designer that piques your interest? Plan what you would like to see, and write it down. We have included eight general ideas below to guide you through this process.

Walk-In Shower Ideas

Do you carry presidential expectations about your primary bathroom? Add a walk-in shower. These master bathroom shower installations create an air of majesty in any size bathroom but work especially well in larger spaces. 

The good looks pair with amazing functionality—it is easier to get in and out of these showers and lends a spacious feel that can do wonders for the overall experience. Walk-in showers typically come in three options:

1. Shower for Two

A walk-in shower can easily serve one or two people. The shower for two usually includes dual shower heads, a large interior area, and matching doors on either side of the glass enclosure. These designs also go well with a large soaking tub in front of the shower for easy access.

2. Platform Style

Do you prefer the idea of a home shower installation that brings a high-rise ambiance to the room? The platform design includes a large soaking bathtub and glassed-in shower box that makes it more efficient to move back and forth between the tub and shower.

3. Shower in Cubby Hole

The third option is more of a residential shower idea, which allows you to tuck the walk-in shower into a nook or niche in the wall. The design is flush with the wall, often with tiled ceilings, shower walls, and floors for artistic flair.

Primary Bathroom Tub Ideas

The tub is another consideration in a master bathroom. An old or discolored tub gives an otherwise well-designed bathroom a dingy feel. Why not spruce up the design with a fresh new installation that adds to the overall ambiance?

4. Soaking Tubs

The iconic soaking tub is a great example of a primary feature in a well-designed master bathroom. The tubs have much higher sides than a standard model, with a large interior catering to all shapes, sizes, and tastes. They are comfortable and luxurious, allowing individuals of all sizes to submerge their whole body in warm bubbles and soak their aches away.

Soaking tubs tend to be freestanding, which means that they are not within a shower enclosure. However, they also come in various colors and styles to match a wide variety of bathroom designs. The freestanding tub itself is an artistic statement, and many modern designs place these tubs and walk-in shower enclosures in close proximity for visual impact.

Tile Flooring and Bathroom Wall Ideas

Some master bathroom ideas combine features like freestanding tubs with double vanities for truly unique effects. However, most bathroom floors need to withstand heavy foot traffic, moisture, and the impact of dropped objects, and flooring can make a bold statement all by itself.

5. Matched Tiling

Why not try this design idea for pleasing uniformity that seamlessly draws the eye around the room? Put the same type of tiles on floors and walls, and see how it creates the illusion of extra space.

6. Graphic Tiles

Other tiles provide more intricate and interesting designs on the surface, including graphic tiles. Combining these optical effects across an entire bathroom floor creates an amazing graphic design that can be both inspiring and refreshing.

Ideas to Maximize Natural Light in the New Bathroom

Did you know that lighting alone creates an entirely new aesthetic in a master bathroom? Artificial lighting can be advantageous, but natural light is far more valuable in this setting. Sunlight does wonders for the interior of any well-designed bathroom, highlighting features and bringing a sense of calm.

7. Skylights

A skylight allows plenty of natural light into the master bathroom for amazing visual effects.

8. Wrap-Around Windows

Have you considered wrap-around windows for the bathroom remodel? These features maximize the light across one or more walls. Other rooms with these types of windows benefit hugely from how the natural light transforms the aesthetics, so why not take advantage of it in the bathroom? 

Another idea is to combine the effects of these windows with glass panels in the shower and brightly colored tiles for an instant mood lift.

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