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Boost your home's value and make your life easier with a Whole Home Remodel in Northeastern Indiana

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Bring functionality and comfort to your home

As time passes, your lifestyle changes too, and at some point, you find yourself needing a more efficient and comfortable space.

A whole-home renovation is one of the best upgrades you can get to help your home reach its true potential.

You’re getting a brand-new space that matches your lifestyle, is more comfortable, and is 100% functional. And let’s not mention the increased home value you’re getting even for the smallest remodel!

Here at JN Tiling And Construction, we’re making sure this project becomes a true investment!

Some of the most common home transformation projects are:

A Home That Is Your True Creation

Remodeling your home is one of the most thrilling and creative experiences you can have as a homeowner!

It’s where you get to choose all the materials, patterns, and features that make your home positively your own. It’s where you set the purpose of every little inch, and where you decide what happens in every corner of a room.

We’re going the extra mile to ensure you’ll be getting a completely new home, tailored to your changing needs and unique preferences.

Once the process is complete, you can get the satisfaction of a space that feels personal, from top to bottom.

Home Remodeling Gallery

Take a look at our gallery and get inspired for your next whole home remodel project. We'll put professionalism and passion into every inch of your space.

Home Remodeling Pricing

Whether you’re looking to get some extra room for your growing family or enhance your living space for your new family’s activities, we’ll make sure you get exactly what you need.

Base Home Remodeling


2000 sq ft home. Includes a brand new finish on all your floors and a complete house repaint. We also give your kitchen and bathroom a simple remodel, replace all your trims, and install a new lighting configuration.

Average Home Remodeling


2000 sq ft home. We reconfigure some of the walls in your home, remodel the exterior, give your floors a brand new finish, repaint your whole home, remodel your kitchen and bathroom, install new trims, and new lighting configuration.

High-End Home Remodeling


2000 sq ft home. We do a full reconfiguration of the walls where necessary, remodel the exterior, fully upgrade and update your rooms, including kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Includes building an addition.

*Prices are averages and may change depending on the size of your home addition or the entire living space you wish to remodel, and your choice of materials, finishes, and upgrades. You’ll receive an exact quote for your unique home addition or whole home remodeling project after the in-home consultation.

How It Works

Remodeling shouldn't be a hassle. With us, you're going through a simple and intuitive process designed with your comfort and well-being in mind.

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Contact us, and let's discuss your home renovation project. We'll give you a quick estimate over the phone, but a precise pricing quote after our on-site visit.

We Get To Work

We'll go through the selection of the material together and as soon as you're ready to begin, we'll knock your project out of the park.

Enjoy Your Upgraded Home

After a final walkthrough to show you what changed, we'll be out of your hair. You can start planning your next family gathering!

Here's What Other Homeowners Say About Us...

Seeing homeowners satisfied with our work is our favorite part of this job and our top priority! This is what your neighbors say about working with the pros from JN Tiling And Construction:


We used JN Tiling for a full bathroom remodel. Demo included removing a garden tub that was boxed in, a vanity, and ultimately swapped the placement of the toilet and shower. We were able to pick out the materials we wanted to use with Josh’s guidance alongside. We’re very happy with the finished product and look forward to enjoying our bathroom for years to come.

Tyler Benner


JN did a wonderful job on the backsplash for our new kitchen, just look at the results! Came in on time and beautiful job. Note that the electrical faceplates are the responsibly of the electrician to reinstall, not the tile contractor Brad.

Dave Stocking


Josh and team installed our kitchen backsplash and did a GREAT job! Best part was that they listened to what design we were going for and then suggested many different options which led to a great finished product. Will be contacting them for any future jobs.

Josh Culbertson

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