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Top 3 Flooring Choices That Are Best For Dogs and Children?

The best flooring for your home depends on these three variables:


While carpet provides loads of comfort on your feet when walking around and may even provide static electricity to those out there (like me) who like to deliver a slight shock to their loved ones. It is also the first to be ruled out if you have children or pets.


Carpet Installation

Here in Angola, Indiana where we experience rain, snow, mud, crunched up leaves and a multitude of other outdoor elements keeping carpet pristine is a full time job! An innocent glass of wine in the late hours can quickly become a hideous stain on your carpet. Other times the dog may have an accident and leave your carpet in a disturbing state. While carpet cleaners can generally fix the appearance of the carpet it doesn’t get rid of everything. Carpet retains a percentage of dirt, stains, and even bacteria. So that means kids with allergies (and parents) may experience worse allergies due to that old carpet. (OR NOT SO OLD)

Luxury Vinyl

Luxury Vinyl is an excellent choice if you love that wood look but don’t want to spend a large upfront amount.

With this flooring, it is super easy to keep clean! Spills from the kids to accidents from the dogs are as simple as putting a little germ-killing cleaner down and some good ole elbow grease.

The major con with this vinyl is it does have a lifespan of about ten years (on average).

But what about some of the higher grades? Yes, there are some exceptions to this rule.

However, in our experience as home renovators, we are seeing signs of seams opening up among a whole plethora of other signs of wear as early as even 3 years after install. 

luxury vinyl tile installation Fort Wayne IN


Tile is an excellent choice for flooring, especially if you have kids and dogs. As tile is easy to clean up with a mop and very resistant to water, it makes it a no-brainer for our top of the list.

The longevity on tile floors is massive! With proper maintenance, seeing tile last a lifetime is not uncommon. Not to mention the strength and resistance to damage is staggering. HOW SO? Proper adhesion with an uncoupling membrane can make tile resistant up to a 250lb direct force. Often times we drop a bowling ball on a tile for demonstration.

The average person renovates their floors three times when owning a home. That is hard-earned dollars spent three times on flooring.

But why does that matter?

It matters because the reason for this is that their flooring gets old and deteriorates. With tile, you only spend the money once and only have to deal with the inconvenience of construction once. Making tile our go to for the long haul, kids & dogs, and even saving you money in the long run.

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