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Half bathroom with brick walls and a simple wood vanity

JN Tiling And Construction makes your bathroom remodel smooth and stress-free, so you can fully enjoy the excitement of remodeling your bath.

We go above and beyond for our clients, which is why we’re leaders in the industry when it comes to making your bathroom remodel truly an investment.

So if you’re ready to enjoy your dream bathroom in Kendallville, JN Tiling And Construction is here for you!

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A Bathroom Remodel That Sets The Bar For Excellence

Our goal is to raise the bathroom remodeling standards not just in Kendallville but all offer northeast Indiana. We commit to excellence, so going the extra mile is part of who we are.

Get ready to enjoy:

Get Your Premium Bathroom Remodeling In Kendallville, IN

If you think about it, you spend a substantial amount of time in your bathroom every day, so it makes sense to want a high-quality bath that’s also beautiful.

The best way to surpass the basic level of comfort of any bath is to tailor your remodel according to your changing needs and preferences. Luckily, here at JN Tiling and Construction, we put you at the front and center of your project.

Your vision guides everything we do, and you’re the one calling all the shots. We’re here to advise and execute to perfection.

Check out our bathroom remodel in Kendallville offer! Have the best pros in town on your project and see your vision come through with a quick and effortless remodel!

Kendallville Homeowners Love With Their New Bathroom!

Your neighbors have already gotten their bathrooms remodeled with us, and they loved it! This is what they’re all saying about working with JN Tiling and Construction.

JN did a wonderful job on the backsplash for our new kitchen, just look at the results! Came in on time and beautiful job. Note that the electrical faceplates are the responsibly of the electrician to reinstall, not the tile contractor Brad.

Dave Stocking


Josh and team installed our kitchen backsplash and did a GREAT job! Best part was that they listened to what design we were going for and then suggested many different options which led to a great finished product. Will be contacting them for any future jobs.

Josh Culbertson

Type Of Upgrades And Materials

With so many options for bathroom upgrades and materials, it may be overwhelming to try to make a selection for a complete renovation.

We’ll put at your disposal some of the best bathroom designers in northeast Indiana to help you pick the best upgrades for your particular needs.

These are some of the most common upgrades you can get:

Vanity & Cabinets

Cabinets are one of the most frequent modifications in Kendallville bathroom renovations.

Not only does a vanity provide more storage, but it also adds to the room’s atmosphere. For a master bathroom, a double vanity might be ideal, while a basic bespoke model is enough for a half-bathroom.

Use striking materials like hardwood with an intricate design in a powder room where you want everything to leave your guests speechless.

If you’re after the most return on investment, KCMA (as well as us) recommends semi-custom cabinets.

Wood vanity with beautiful grain
White vanity with silver hardware and quartz top


Your bathroom countertop should be durable and resistant while also matching the style of the rest of your bathroom.

Whether you want it to be a focal point or an accent piece, plenty of options are available.

Quartz is, without a doubt, the finest countertop material available. This man-made stone has all of the advantages of natural stones without any disadvantages, except its price. Quartz is durable, crack-resistant, mold and mildew-resistant, and it’s simple to keep clean since it has a smooth surface.

If you’re looking for a new countertop, granite or another natural stone like soapstone or marble are always excellent options.

Massive countertop with a simple wood vanity

Shower & Bathtub

One of the most popular requests in bathroom remodeling in Kendallville and all over Indiana is the tub-to-shower conversion.

You’ll want to choose between a tub or a shower in a smaller bathroom, but larger bathrooms can have both of them without any problem.

In fact, having both these features will boost the efficiency and possibilities in your bathroom.

Regarding materials, porcelain for tubs and glass for showers remain the most popular and the best options on the market.

Freestanding tub in a modern bath with large tile flooring
A glass walk-in shower with tile surround


The flow and functionality of a bathroom are often ruined by the quality of the flooring. Hardwood flooring in baths, for example, is more susceptible to water damage, rendering it a poor choice for this damp space.

The best flooring material in a bathroom remains tile. Italian porcelain tile is a popular option, but there are also some other, more affordable alternatives.

Luxury vinyl planks or tiles (LVP and LVT) are frequent selections for people who want something that looks very similar to wood but without all its downsides. Luxury vinyl planks are more reliable and resistant, making them a pretty good option for a bathroom floor.

Another underrated option is epoxy flooring. Epoxy can look pretty ugly, but with a proper installation technique and finish, you can make an epoxy floor look like real marble or quartz flooring. Not to mention it’s extremely easy to maintain.

Dark gray tile flooring with artificial plant and freestanding tub

Sink & Toilet

Sinks are essential in both the kitchen and bathroom, but they have different needs.

In general, bathroom sinks need to be attractive and either become the focal point of your bath or help tie everything together.

Concrete countertop in bathroom
A toilet in a bathroom with marble walls

Get Inspired By Our Finished Bathrooms In Kendallville

Our portfolio is proof of our superior craftsmanship and dedication. See for yourself what we’re capable of and get some ideas for your upcoming bathroom remodel in Kendallville!

Get A Pleasant Journey With An Efficient Process!

We want our process to take away the tension and concerns that come with any bathroom remodel. We’ve optimized everything to make it easy for you, so you can fully enjoy the excitement of getting a bathroom remodel!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The bathroom remodel cost varies based on numerous considerations, such as the bathroom’s square footage, fixtures, amenities, and choice of materials.

In Kendallville, IN, homeowners usually spend $35k dollars for a regular-sized bathroom with 70 square feet. However, if you want a more upscale renovation, the cost can quickly reach in the neighborhood of $60k. On the lower end of things, some people only spend around $15k for a quick makeover.

You’ll get a more accurate pricing quote after our on-site visit.

Generally speaking, bathroom remodels take anywhere between two to six weeks.

Our average remodels usually finish within one month, but more extensive bathroom projects can last up to two months.

You’ll get an accurate timeline of how everything will unfold, and you’ll be constantly kept in the loop with our progress.

Bathroom remodeling is one of our specialties, and our Kendallville bathroom remodeling professionals are qualified, insured, and experienced in every area of the job. With our bathroom remodeling services, we’re all committed to creating your ideal environment a reality.

Organic bathroom with wood and plants

Kick-Start Your Long Overdue Bathroom Remodel In Kendallville!

Whether you’re looking to sell your home quickly or to just live a better life, a bathroom remodel is always a good investment.

It’s even a better investment when you know you’re working with a real professional that puts his money where his mouth is.

At JN Tiling And Construction, we do what we said we will, and more! We’re going above and beyond to see you fully satisfied with our work, and we’ll make sure we’ll execute your vision to perfection.

We’re the go-to bathroom remodeler for many people in Kendallville, and for a good reason!

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