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Get one of the best basement remodel in Kendallville with JN Tiling And Construction!

Take full advantage of a top-ranked basement remodeling service and reap the benefits of this investment for the rest of your life!

We specialize in making your basement vision a reality by offering a comprehensive and high-quality remodel. We’re executing your vision to perfection so you can get the space you’ve been dreaming of without all the stress and hassle!

A Basement Remodeling Service With Your Needs At Its Core

If you want a contractor that truly values you, your home, and your budget, JN Tiling And Construction is your best bet. We put you at the core of everything we do, and our ultimate goal is your complete satisfaction!

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Get More Comfort And Functionality With A Premier Basement Remodel

Basements usually lack comfort and functionality compared to the upstairs living room. But how about you give this space a quick uplift and make it one of the most impressive rooms in your home?

Finished and remodeled basements bring a lot of ROI and significantly boost the resale value of your property.

This makes basement remodeling in Kendallville one of the best investments you can make.

According to Remodeling Magazine, finishing a basement will give you a return of 70 to 75% on your investment. That means a $10k remodel will increase the value of your property by $7k. And let’s not even mention the increased quality of life and how a remodeled basement makes things so much easier for your day-to-day life!

Check out our basement remodeling offer in Kendallville! Work with the only local pros who can see your vision through and execute it flawlessly!

Your Neighbors In Kendallville Love Their New Basements!

New, finished, and remodeled basements are becoming the norm for many homeowners in Kendallville. People have started to notice the real value of this home improvement project, and we’ve helped them get it!

JN did a wonderful job on the backsplash for our new kitchen, just look at the results! Came in on time and beautiful job. Note that the electrical faceplates are the responsibly of the electrician to reinstall, not the tile contractor Brad.

Dave Stocking


Josh and team installed our kitchen backsplash and did a GREAT job! Best part was that they listened to what design we were going for and then suggested many different options which led to a great finished product. Will be contacting them for any future jobs.

Josh Culbertson

Different Finishes You Can Get For Your Basement

Transform your basement into whatever you can imagine! Whether a guest bedroom or home theatre, we’ll help your basement blossom and maximize its potential.

These are just some of the upgrades you can do to your basement.

Guest Bedroom

As your family grows, you may soon realize that the walls aren’t expanding with them. This is particularly true when children reach an age where they want their own private space.

Transform your basement into an extra bedroom, and you will have more living space and a potential source of income from renting. With this solution, you can easily counter any housing issues!

A guest bedroom in the basement usually includes a bedroom, a small living room, and a small bathroom.

A basement turned into a bedroom with white sheets and two lamps

A Man-Cave Just For Yourself

Homeowners are increasingly seeking our services to create a tranquil and entertaining haven in their basements.

Imagine watching the game, sharing an ice-cold beer with your buddies, and relishing in great company without anyone disturbing you.

Make sure the design includes a small bathroom so you don’t have to make many trips up and down stairs at night. You can add some extra elements like an inviting pool table, flat screen TV, cozy couch seating area, or bar top.

All of these pieces will come together perfectly for one-of-a-kind get-togethers that are guaranteed to leave lasting memories with friends!

A man cave with a pool table

An Office Or Workspace

One of the most significant issues people experienced while working remotely was finding an environment that allowed them to stay focused and productive. Interruptions and background noises during video conferences made it difficult for employees to concentrate on their tasks, disrupting any sense of tranquility.

Homeowners are now tapping into the potential of their basements, transforming them from free storage space to functional study and work areas for themselves or their kids. As a result, we’ve seen an exponential surge in the number of people seeking basement transformations!

This remodeling project is simple and straightforward! If the basement is finished, all you need is a desk, a couch, new flooring, and lighting fixtures, and you’re ready to get to work from your new office!

An office in a basement remodeling in Kendallville

In-House Gym

Juggling our daily lifestyles and activities can leave little time for us to prioritize our own mental, physical, and emotional well-being. And if that wasn’t hard enough already, joining a gym usually incurs an expensive membership fee while taking away those cherished moments of free time.

For those looking to get and stay in shape, setting up a gym at home is the ideal solution.

Making the effort to prioritize your own needs, finding a safe haven in physical activity, and freeing yourself from judgment are essential components of looking after your mental health.

Working out in a private gym provides you the flexibility to exercise without any distractions or worries. Exercise on your own terms and feel an incomparable sense of serenity when doing so!

An in-home gym with training equipment

Here's What Your Finished Product Can Look Like!

We give 100% on every project we work on. We never settle for less than perfect, and “good enough” was never in our books. Our portfolio is proof of our passion and dedication to every project we work on. Check it out!

A Highly-Efficient Basement Remodeling Process

A basement remodel in Kendallville can be daunting, so we crafted a straightforward process to ensure your experience is streamlined and stress-free. Our mission is to make certain the job gets done quickly, easily, and with complete transparency along the way.

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Contact us, and let’s discuss your upcoming project.



We’ll build your new basement according to your needs.

A finished bathroom with a double vanity made of hardwood



Your new basement is finished and remodeled! Enjoy it!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re considering remodeling your basement, the cost could range from an estimated $20,000 up to over $80,000 depending on what you decide to do. If you don’t have the basement finished. you’ll spend quite a bit of money on insulation, drywall, plumbing, and electrical systems. If the space is finished but not equipped with anything, you’ll need to focus on furniture, flooring, painting, and lighting fixtures.

If you’re planning a basement remodel project in Kendallville, the job could take three to six weeks depending on how extensive it is. For example, small updates such as wall framing repairs and repainting can be completed quickly compared to more ambitious renovations, including installing new floors, electricity systems upgrades, adding a half bathroom or building a kitchenette.

At JN Tiling And Construction, we’re only working with qualified professionals that specialize in every aspect of remodeling and understand the exact building codes in Kendallville, as basement remodels usually need a permit.

We understand that your home is valuable to you, and we are grateful for the privilege of earning your trust. With our experienced artisans on hand, nothing less than extraordinary results will be delivered until each customer finds utter joy with their new basement renovation.

A basement finishing project

A Basement Remodel Done With Your Lifestyle In Mind

We know every homeowner has a different lifestyle, and different lifestyles mean different needs, concerns, and expectations.

We go the extra mile to make sure we completely understand your vision and offer you the space you’ve been dreaming of. With JN Tiling And Construction, you can rest assured your new basement will match how you live your life, making everything much easier and more comfortable.

You’ll go through a process tailored to your needs and concerns and get a high-quality remodel that’ll be worth every dollar!

With your local experts from JN Tiling And Construction – Kendallville, you’ll also get:

Let A New Basement Improve The Quality Of Your Life



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