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Looking for a reputable bathroom remodeling service in Hamilton, IN? This is it!

JN Tiling and Construction specialize in bathroom remodeling in Hamilton. Our commitment is to provide you with unmatched service that is not offered by any other contractor in the area.

You will have a comfortable experience working with a high-quality contractor and receive an excellent product that surpasses your expectations. We will bring your vision to life without the stress and chaos of remodeling.

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Our company values you and your home greatly. We guarantee that you will be exceptionally satisfied with our services, as we always strive to exceed your expectations by providing additional value beyond what we initially agreed upon.

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We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners around Northeast Indiana so far, and we’re not planning to stop anytime soon. Homeowners love our complete and thorough remodeling services, and you can too!

JN did a wonderful job on the backsplash for our new kitchen, just look at the results! Came in on time and beautiful job. Note that the electrical faceplates are the responsibly of the electrician to reinstall, not the tile contractor Brad.

Dave Stocking


Josh and team installed our kitchen backsplash and did a GREAT job! Best part was that they listened to what design we were going for and then suggested many different options which led to a great finished product. Will be contacting them for any future jobs.

Josh Culbertson

Type Of Upgrades And Materials

Choosing the right upgrades and materials for your bathroom remodel can be confusing due to the wide variety of options and features. With us, you’ll enjoy valuable insights about what makes your bathroom reach top-efficiency, and we’ll make everything happen according to your vision. 

Here are some common upgrades and materials our customers prefer for their remodels:

New Vanity

When creating your bathroom design, selecting the right vanity is crucial. It determines the functionality of your space and sets the tone for the entire room. Be sure to choose a new vanity that complements the rest of your bathroom decor or other items planned for the space.

To give your bathroom a modern look, it’s best to avoid using vanities with Shaker-style cabinet doors, as they can make the space feel outdated. Opt for a solid wood vanity with slab doors instead, creating a sleek and contemporary appearance.

If you have a big family or need extra space in your bathroom, consider using double vanities. They offer plenty of additional space and storage and can also be used to fill empty corners in large bathrooms.

Large wooden vanity with no pulls or knobs

Tub And Shower

Many older residents in Hamilton opt to replace their jacuzzi tubs with glass walk-in showers in their bathrooms to improve bathing safety and accessibility.

We suggest using anti-slip tile for the safety of the surroundings and floor, as porcelain or ceramic tile can also serve the purpose.

If you want to keep your bathtub, we can certainly do that. Actually, lots of homeowners choose to have both a shower and a tub for different situations – like quick showers before heading out or soothing baths after a stressful day. There are endless possibilities!

A freestanding tub and a glass walk-in shower


If you want your new vanity to match the size and style of your existing countertops, it’s important to change them. Otherwise, you may face difficulties in the future as they won’t be compatible.

At JN Tiling And Construction, we suggest choosing quartz counters because they are durable, low maintenance, affordable compared to alternative options, and have a consistent pattern that creates a seamless transition from one space to the next.

Other standard countertops are granite, marble, concrete, or other natural stones.

White quartz bath countertop
granite bathroom countertop


Although older homes may have charming hardwood elements, we generally advise against putting wood flooring in bathrooms due to the high maintenance and care required. It’s more beneficial to allocate time and energy to other areas.

When it comes to choosing the right flooring for your bathroom, tile is a great option. Porcelain or ceramic tiles are inexpensive, easy to maintain, and can be customized with various patterns and designs. By making a simple change, you can give your bathroom a whole new look and feel.

Luxury vinyl tile or luxury vinyl planks are another options that has become popular and works well. They can resemble hardwood or stone, but they’re not completely water-resistant. Your choice should be based on your needs and what’s suitable for your space.

A black tile floor

Sink & Toilet

Sinks and toilets are bathroom essentials, and most bathroom remodels will include these. They’re affordable and will have a huge impact, both visual and from a functional standpoint. 

A bowl sink made of copper, marble, or pure granite can be a great focal point. Undermount sinks of porcelain (or the same material as your counter) will make your counter seamless, creating a smooth flow in your bath.

Pedestal sinks, wall-mounted sinks, and drop-in sinks are also common options.

For toilets, porcelain, ceramic, or acrylic remain the most common option.

A simple wall mounted sink with a black water fixture
A modern toilet with gadgets

Other Upgrades

Other bathroom upgrades include, but are not limited to:

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Frequently Asked Questions

A bathroom remodel in Indiana can be expensive. The cost of a basic 3-piece bathroom remodel ranges from $32k to $35k. Adding a stand-up shower and upgrading to a 4-piece bathroom will increase the cost to $41k-$46k. The cost will be even higher for a luxurious experience with high-end shower fixtures and dual sinks, around $54k-$57k.
The bathroom renovation usually takes four weeks, but it may take six weeks if you choose to have a frameless glass shower enclosure. This is because custom-made glass needs to be ordered after the tiles are laid. The timeline extension is due to this additional step.
Yes, we can help you obtain the necessary building permits for your bathroom renovation, so you can focus on other aspects of the project.
Our team of highly skilled craftsmen and chosen trade partners collaborate to produce beautiful bathrooms, just like we do with every other project. You can expect a team that is just as committed to your project as you are.
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If you’re looking for a quality bathroom remodeling service in Hamilton, IN, this is it!

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Because of that, we’ll ensure you’re getting a new bathroom that perfectly matches your needs!

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