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Remodeling your basement is a great way to give yourself more room and simultaneously raise the value of your property.

We started JN Tiling And Construction to provide honest, reliable, reasonably priced home improvement services to people all over Fort Wayne, especially basement remodeling services.

We have years of experience in basement transformations, and we take immense pride in our ability to turn your vision into reality without creating a stressful and complicated remodeling experience.

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Get More Than A Basement Remodel

With years of expertise in remodeling and design, we have crafted hundreds of unique basements to perfection. Let us be the ones who create a jaw-dropping basement that exceeds all expectations!

Get ready to enjoy:

Boost Your Home's Value And Efficiency With A Quality Basement Remodel

Many homeowners forget about their basements, but this area actually has a lot of potentials.

A finished and upgraded basement can make your home look even more appealing to future buyers and add tangible value to your property. Even if you’re not planning on selling soon, you and your family will get the chance to enjoy a larger living area!

Create the space you’ve always wanted – customized to your exact specifications. Whether it’s a man cave where you can hang out with friends or a safe and secure playroom for kids – the options are limitless!

Check out our basement remodeling offer in Fort Wayne and get the best deal on your project right now! Make a real investment with JN Tiling And Construction!

Fort Wayne Homeowners Love Their Finished Basements!

Reclaim the look and feel of your home with our superior transformation services! Join other happy clients in Fort Wayne who’ve benefitted from our exceptional work. Listen to what they have to say about us – it speaks for itself!

JN did a wonderful job on the backsplash for our new kitchen, just look at the results! Came in on time and beautiful job. Note that the electrical faceplates are the responsibly of the electrician to reinstall, not the tile contractor Brad.

Dave Stocking


Josh and team installed our kitchen backsplash and did a GREAT job! Best part was that they listened to what design we were going for and then suggested many different options which led to a great finished product. Will be contacting them for any future jobs.

Josh Culbertson

Different Finishes You Can Get For Your Basement

Your basement can be whatever you want it to be.

Picture a space in your home that is tranquil. Maybe the children are peacefully finishing their homework or you’re leisurely enjoying your latest book. This spot could also be ideal for hosting movie nights with friends, as well as completing those long-awaited projects of yours! With just one area, you can create an abundance of opportunities to relax and unwind.

Your options are limitless, and all it takes to get this awesome upgrade is a great design!

Guest Bedroom

Revitalizing and enlarging your home by including an extra bedroom in the basement is a magnificent concept, particularly as your family expands and requires more space.

Adding an extra bedroom offers numerous advantages, from the ability to invite overnight company with ease, to have more room for family occasions. You could even make some supplemental money by leasing out the space! No matter why you wish to have an additional bedroom, it can surely be beneficial in the future.

A half bathroom and even a small living space can be included in this project.

A bedroom in a basement

A Man-Cave Just For Yourself

Parents of the younger generation are ecstatic to be able to provide a safe, stimulating playroom for their kids in the basement without having to rely on screens. To make this area especially inviting, you can add toys that your children adore and customize it even further with various elements – such as cozy rugs or curtains.

Not only is this an economical shift, but it’s also ideal for short-term use since your little ones will grow out of it before too long.

You can make a playroom for yourself if there are no kids in the home. Add in a pool table, a ping-pong table, chairs, a bar, and a TV, and call your friends over to watch the game!

Hardwood furniture and hardwood pool table

An Office Or Workspace

Distractions and difficulty concentrating have long been the most significant barriers to productivity for remote employees. With people entering and leaving video meetings, it became increasingly difficult to maintain a professional atmosphere.

Since we switched to remote work, numerous of our customers have chosen to modernize and construct home offices or designated workspaces in their basements – either for themselves or their kids.

An office in a basement remodel

In-House Gym

In today’s hectic world, carving out the time to exercise has become increasingly difficult. Moreover, going to the gym can be a costly affair with both membership fees and gasoline prices on the rise.

Working out in the comfort of your own home is undeniably one of the most effective ways to improve both mental and physical health. Having a gym within your residence gives you access to more opportunities for reaching fitness goals without feeling subjected to judgments from others.

In addition, having an at-home gym eliminates many time-consuming steps such as travel time that come with traditional workouts; ultimately allowing for better usage of energy and focus on results.

An in-home gym with training equipment

Here's What Your Basement Can Look Like!

Make your living area the envy of all with JN Tiling And Construction. Creating a visually pleasing and functional space should be enjoyable, which is why we strive to make it easy for you! Check out our gallery full of inspiring ideas to help you get started on your next project!

A Highly Efficient Process To Get You Going

We are primarily concerned with your well-being and comfort during the remodeling process to ensure that you have a positive experience. This will foster better results for everyone involved in this project.
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We’ll build your new basement according to your needs.

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Your new basement is finished and remodeled! Enjoy it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that your basement walls and floors are ready, it’s time to bring in the light. Basements lack natural light from windows so making sure an appropriate lighting system is established goes a long way toward creating the perfect space.

Once you’re settled on how you want to illuminate your area, then comes the fun part; decorating and transforming this room into what you’ve always dreamed of!

When renovating your basement, consider that the cost can range anywhere from $20k to $80k. This is dependent on factors such as materials used, decorations and furnishings selected, as well as how large or small the area being remodeled actually is.

On average, basement renovations take five weeks to complete; however, the timeframe can be elongated depending on its complexity. Be prepared for any potential delays caused by intricate details and laborious tasks!

Before we commence your project, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive schedule of events so that you’re always up-to-date about what’s happening in your home.

When you entrust us to remodel your home, you can feel secure knowing that we collaborate with the most accomplished artisans in North-East Indiana. Our partners guarantee unmatched excellence from start to finish—from floors and lighting fixtures, down to every detail of the project.

You’ll get peace of mind knowing every detail is crafted by experienced professionals for a perfect finish! We’ll even take care of your building permits!

Take Full Advantage Of A Complete Remodeling Service

If you’re on the fence about Fort Wayne basement remodeling, now is the time to take action and get started.

JN Tiling And Construction understand that basement remodeling isn’t a simple task, but we are dedicated to transforming your vision into reality. We prioritize our customer satisfaction above all else and guarantee you will be pleased with the finished product. Let us help make your dreams come true!

Allow us to take control of all aspects of your project, and you can be certain that everything will go off without a hitch.

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