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Contemporary Bathroom Vanities You Should Check Out

Are you looking for the best bathroom vanities available in Angola, Fremont, and the surrounding areas? You can brighten your bathroom by finding a vanity that offers both form and function. The right vanity gives you the space to store bathroom supplies while boosting the overall appearance of the room. You can review your options for contemporary bathroom vanities with this article. Then, learn more about your options with our team at JN Tiling and Construction.

two single vanities separated by bathtub

Types of Contemporary Vanities: Pedestal Sinks

Technically, pedestal sinks do not qualify as vanities. They stand against your wall, without any of the cabinets or storage space associated with traditional vanities. However, we encourage you to consider them anyway, as they provide you with:

You may select bathroom vanity models made of marble, China, or clay, such as:

Tresham Ceramic Pedestal Bathroom Sink

The Tresham squared-off pedestal sink provides a very modern look for your bathroom. It comes in several finishes and sizes, giving you the freedom to select the model you enjoy the most. The vanity does not include the faucet.

Rowland Pedestal Sink

The Rowland Pedestal Sink mixes traditional style with subtle curves to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. Made with vitreous china, it comes with predrilled holes that make it easy to install a faucet of your choice.

American Standard Townsend Pedestal Sink

This rectangular pedestal sink had a low profile, making it easy to clean. The manufacturer uses fireclay to construct this kind of pedestal sink, which comes with three faucet holes. You must purchase your faucet separately.

Types of Contemporary Vanities: Wall-Mounted

types of bathroom vanities include wall mounted

When it comes to modern bathroom vanities, you may want to consider a wall-mounted option that secures directly to the wall. They do not have any portions that directly reach the floor, setting them apart from other options. Some people use the term “floating vanity” for wall-mounted vanities. We use this term because they appear to float off the floor. Some include cabinets, while others forego the cabinets, exposing the plumbing that connects the vanity to your plumbing system. Consider these options if you want a floating vanity:

Copeland 30” Wall-Mounted Bathroom Vanity

This floating vanity comes with a metal base. For the vanity’s finish, you can choose from chrome, polished nickel, or satin brass. The metal frame provides you with stability and a place to keep your toiletries or towels.

Renwick 24” Wall-Mount Single Bathroom Vanity Set

When it comes to bathroom vanities, you may want something that draws on mid-century aesthetics. This model gives you multiple drawers and plenty of storage space and acts as a wood vanity with a particleboard frame.

Evendale 18” Single Bathroom Vanity Set

Wall-mounted vanities do not have to take up much room. This Evendale model offers compact storage options. It acts as a single-sink vanity, designed according to modern styles. You can choose between three base finishes for this model.

Types of Contemporary Vanities: Freestanding

Freestanding modern bathroom vanities do not connect permanently to either the wall or the floor. As a result, designers often craft them to look like standalone furniture, giving the appearance that you could pick them up and move them if not for the connected plumbing work. You may find options for a single or double-sink vanity in freestanding models. They generally offer a lot of storage space, with cabinets or doors built into the fixture. You may want to consider the following options if this style interests you:

Sausalito 36” Single Sink Vanity

Available in two different finishes, this vanity makes the most of the materials used in its construction. It includes caned paneling and Italian marble for the countertop. In addition, you can adjust the interior shelf and use the drawer built into the vanity.

Harlow 32” Single Sink Vanity

You may want to consider this option if you’re interested in a sleek vanity with brass hardware and more storage space. This model comes with a white marble top. In addition, the manufacturer used oak and engineered wood veneers to give the cabinet a timeless look.

Delphine Single Bathroom Vanity (49”)

This luxury option provides you with clean lines and a Luxe marble top. The model works with many different bathroom faucets, allowing you to personalize it once installed. In addition, it comes with extra storage space and boasts impressive durability.

Types of Contemporary Vanities: Double Options

Do you share a bathroom with a loved one? Perhaps your children share a bathroom? In either case, a double vanity provides a great way to give everyone their own space while still improving the appearance of your bathroom. You may select different bathroom faucets for each side of the double vanity or use the same vessel sinks on each side. Consider these options:

Harlow 60” Double Sink Vanity

This freestanding cabinet vanity provides you with impressive amounts of storage space. It has three drawers, two cabinets, and two faux draws at the top of the cabinet. Expect the coloring of this unit to vary from one piece to the next.

Moro 60” Double Sink Vanity

This double sink vanity comes in three different finish options. It gives you a timeless choice for your bathroom, with bold lines and a quartz counter.

Annice 72” Double Bathroom Vanity Set

You may consider this vanity set if you’re interested in exposed storage beneath a set of traditional cabinets. The unit also has two drawers and provides plenty of space for two people to share a bathroom.

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